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Trade in the SP for the DA?

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    Didnt get much swell, the Indian ocean winter has been dismal, only one swell of significance, in July.

    It is an interesting point you make about surfing lumpy piles of crap compared to clean knee to waist high runners. Our west coast in summer is comparable to the south coast of the UK, the east coast of the US, in that we often try to surf short period wind waves, and really, nothing goes well in dis-organised junk. So disregarding a board for that and thinking of waist to shoulder high full slow waves, breaking on a reef with some shape. Difficult to catch, as they mainly crumble from the top down, sounds like sup, 10ft mal territory? yep, swarms of them. My 6'4 PN was all over it, but 47lts and 3 inches thick was just too much.
    Do you find the width of the DA hard to adjust to?


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      The width felt like a liability for paddling in the 6'6" but the 6'4" felt much more "normal". The 6'4" is a little narrower but its nose and tail are slightly wider according to the board comparison tech specs. The depth of the double concave and its full length to the nose combined with the finer rails will most likely be the features that could make it less ideal in junky waves. In those kinds of waves maybe the SP will be better...but...if you look for posts from the boardshop guy in the UK he said he was loving the DA and had been riding it constantly. Would be worth trying to contact them and see how the DA has fared over more time. If its onshore windswell I'm on my SV 1000 and heading for the twisties to carve not the beach.