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Double Agent fin set up

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  • Double Agent fin set up

    Thanks for the reviews. Very helpful for someone like me who is not able to demo. What fins are working the best in the double agent? Thanks.

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    So far all I've tried are AM2 fronts w/ EA rears, both cheapo white Fg futures as my main break is super shallow reef. Worked and allowed me to very much enjoy this board but I am not experienced enough to know much better.


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      As I've posted the best i've used yet were the futures jjf fronts& 4qd rears. Next surf I'll try the jjf tri and the machados too... I think depending on your size and hability, a slightly larger fin will able you to push further the rails limits without sliding off.


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        ​Think I might order the 5'8 (80kg) just to make it work better in crappy surf.... was leaning more towards the 5'6, but a few reviews have made me reconsider (still not completely sure though)...

        What about FCS2 fins? I only have FCS(1) fins, but would like to use the new system when I get the board. Not too much to choose from at the moment (?), but what kind of fin shape/size does this board work with ? And does it go better as a quad or thruster?
        (In my 5'6 Potatonator and 5'4 Sweet Potato the PC SF4 (quad) worked really good for me)