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  • The right choice?

    Hey all!

    My first post on this forum, surfer from New York looking for some advice. (another boring sizing question) Very excited to get my first dom! I have been surfing a board that is all wrong for me for the past few months (6'2 ton of good for NY summer!)

    I am 27, 5'9 and about 155 lbs, been surfing for a while, I would say I am intermediate-advanced on my good days. Surf all year round pretty much... I ordered a 5'6'' dom the other day and now I am questioning that size decision. After I purchased I punched my info in the volume calc and according to that it looks like I should have gone with a 5'4''. Do you think I went too big?? If so..will it affect my surf performance significantly if it is too floaty?

    Let me know what you all think and thanks for all the great information I have read on the forum so far.

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    The charts have to be seen as a guide. Pretty informative but then you have o add you own tweaks depending in height and the place you'll be surfing it most of the time.
    The beauty of this board is that, even with the extra foam will still perform nicely. That extra chunk will help you on those smaller days.
    The thing is, at 5'9", the 5'4" might have been a bit short, in the sense that if you are long limbed (at 155lbs and 5'9" I must assume I'm not that far)then it gets tricky.
    That board loves quads setups. FCS or FUTURES??.


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      Iggy thanks for the information.

      I went FSC and I am planning fitting it with the Stretch SF4-PC fins that many people have recommended.


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        I reckon the 5'6" is a good pick. 5'4 would prob feel small in weak waves