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Recommended FCS fins for 6'4" Dominator

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  • Recommended FCS fins for 6'4" Dominator

    After much thought I have just purchased a 6'4" Dominator (I'm 6'3, 185lbs; intermediate level surfer) and wondering what the recommended FCS fins are for this board. I've always ridden thrusters, so will be riding it as a thruster at first but I am keen to try it as a quad a bit further on down the track. Any thoughts, advice appreciated. Cheers.

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    I'm 200lbs (90kg) and like the PC7's most in that board in a thruster set up, but also find the GAM's good - I feel they (the GAM's) are a tad looser off the top and maybe drive a rounder turn than the PC7's. At 185lbs you are probably borderline between the PC7's and PC5's on the one hand, and between the GAM and AM2 on the other. You could put on more weight and use the bigger fins for sure, or lose some and use the smaller ones with confidence.

    Another alternative, which is a half way house between the two, is a K3 or Simon Anderson Large. Ihaven't used the latter, but have the former.

    Also, and I haven't used them in the Dom, but the Joel Parkinson Kinetic Racing fins with FCS tabs would be good. A tad looser than the PC7s and GAM's, but not a huge difference.


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      Thanks Buzzy, your thoughts are appreciated. I've been looking at the PC7's but the GAM's sound pretty good so I'll be checking them out. My son has a set of K3's on one of his boards so I'll try and steal them and give them a go as well.

      I'm not really keen on putting on weight deliberately as this will probably happen naturally over the years anyway, so I think I will be leaning towards a larger fin. Any thoughts on a quad set up? Cheers


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        Originally posted by Snooky View Post
        ... Any thoughts on a quad set up? Cheers
        I thought I heard someone calling me! Rusty R2s all the way and add a little stabiliser. There have been many thoughts on this thread


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          Thanks for the advice Slowman - I'm keen to get out and give the R2's a try. Interesting comments regarding the use of a stab / knub.......Cheers