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  • what size Dom?

    Just like everyone else in this forum I need a bit of guidance on sizing. Im a 34 yr old, 175 lb novice (3-4 yrs surfing, 25-35 days a year) living in New York. The overwhelming majority of my days are spent surfing mushy 2-4' beachbreak though I do travel to PR and have a trip planned to Nicaragua for next spring/summer. I'm presently surfing a 7'6" Walden Mini-Magic which has been great but I really want to get something that will be more exciting & interesting to ride. Easier & more aggressive turns without sacrificing too much paddle power/ wave catching ability- is that too much to ask for?
    Anyway, I've been eyeing the Dom online for a while and finally got my hands on one a week or two ago and now can't get it out of my head. I know its what I want as I heard angels singing when I held it under my arm at the shop (you all know that magic feeling I'm talking about). I'm just stuck on sizing. I know its going to be a bigger one, something around 6'2 - 6'6 I just can't decide which one.
    Any suggestions guys? Nev or Dan if you're out there I'd love to have you weigh on this one if you could.

    Thanks in advance ,

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    I'd push you towards the 600 or 602 I reckon. I think if you go too big you'll start feeling over foamed because your surfing will come on leaps and bounds on that board.


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        I'd say 6'2" as well, but you may find yourself eyeing off a 6'0" in 12 months. Best to get the board that works best for you now.


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          yeah I agree with buzzy here for sure. The 602 is the way to go and if you develop quickly enough that you are downsizing in a year, then you are stoked!!