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    I'm looking forward to order a Dominator. But I'm not shure about the size. I'm 84 to 85 kg, 1,80 m tall and 40 years of age. I'd call myself intermediate. It should be a board for waist to headhigh waves. I'd like to train on my cutbacks and more radikal top turns. Also I'd like to get into waves early. The board will be surfed in north sea waves which generally lack power and in better atlantik waves of autumm, winter and spring. Often I would wear my hole winter combo (6/5/4 Wettie, thick gloves and boots), which would weight some more kilos.
    Will the Dominator handle steeper or tuby conditions? In small waves I surf a sweet potatoe in 6'0". I know its got tons of volume, but I like it very much in the weak waves we got in the baltic and north sea. It's a wavecatcher and turns well, in my opinion.
    For myself I'm thinking of a 6'2 or a 6'4 Dom...

    Thanx for your advice!

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    I'd say 6'0" or 6'2" tops. But as you're enjoying the 6'0" Potato I don't think the 6'4" is out of the question either.


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      As an abstract answer I'd have said 6'0", but given your preferences 6'4" would be perfect.


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        As we can see you like the extra volume on your boards!. Although the 6'2" will have plenty of volume (even the 6'0") I think that the extra chunck of the 6'4" will get you all the waves you want.
        One thing though, the Dominator might struggle on steeper more vertical hollow waves cut to its low entry rocker. Having said so I would put in the mix the Hellfire as well for the conditions described above


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          yeah i think in this case the 602 is going to be the board to start with and then give it a good long thought and if you want that added ease of use you can go bigger. If you want added performance you can go smaller. I am inclined to say, however, that I agree with PRJ that if you are liking the 600 Potato, then the 602 may be the smallest you would want to go...

          Cheers and hope this helps!


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            Thanks for your advices!
            I'll think I'll order a 6'2".


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              stoked on the support!!

              Keep us posted.