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Dominator Light Gray (Real or Fake)

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  • Dominator Light Gray (Real or Fake)

    Hi Everyone,

    I just came across a Firewire Dominator that is light gray and not white. Is it an older model or is it fake? I read in the post somewhere that its an earlier version. How old is that board? Is it true? Anyone can answer that? Should I buy it? Thanks

    The Henry

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    I know some of the earlier boards came in solid colors.
    Pics would help but it's most likely real.


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      What you think? Super old board?


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        Are you sure it's grey and that it's not just the pictures? Have you seen it in the flesh?
        I'd have thought the full color boards would have been gen 1 or 2 which were before Rapidfire was around and there was no F infront of the board name on the rail.

        I could be wrong though, Chris will know more than me.

        EDIT: Just been doing some searching and the full colors were still being done after Rapidfire became available so that would check out if it is infact grey.
        Still looks like a dodgy photo to me though, but it's not a fake Firewire.
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          Here's a nice yellow one, dated April 09.


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            Yeah, I seen it in person. I bought the board, its sitting in my dining room. i took the picture lol. it is definitely grey. so its legit???

            btw... i cant see the yellow firewire dominator picture. please resubmit.


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              Looks genuine to me, anyway the #39789 will tell us, but who would bother putting on fake serial numbers? If it were a Chinese fake, the serial number would be all 8s LOL (8 is close to the Chinese character for luck).


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                yeah totally legit. just an older build. we have a grey one in the fleet here.