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  • Dominator Quad setup

    Hey guys,
    Picked up a 6.0" Dominator last year with a clay marzo thruster setup and I want to get something with a bit more hold. I'm a beginner surfer at around 165lbs. Being a beginner I look for smaller surf (nothing over head high) so I was wondering if the future stretch or maybe the SA4 quads would be a good option for me.

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    The Stretch set are a great set. Haven't tried the SA4s.


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      Agreed on the Stretch fins for a quad setup.


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        alltrue, SA-4 may be too big for you (Back fin is 4.3 " ) on that board in head high surf
        Consider Rusty 5 fin or Stretch other smaller than 4" in the rear.


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          Alltrue.......I had a 508 Dominator and I had the SA4 5-Fin Futures set and used them as either a Quad or Truster setup. I found them to have great hold and drive and yet still be lose, they were great in small surf to head high.

          I tried them in a 5'8 Potatonator as a quad which i enjoyed until it got creased. I rececntly got a 506 FST Potatonator with FCS fins and have been using the Rusty R2 Quad Fin set in that which i have also found to have great hold and drive and probably prefer the Rusty R2 Quad set over the SA4's

          I don't think you can go wrong with either SA4 or the Rusty R2 Quat set


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            I just borrowed a set of S4A for the 5'8 PNator and sure it holds (in 1-4ft), plus the speed you can get is crazy! I tried them on the HZ as well (in 6ft) and it was great for the steep drops but once riding the wave, they're too drivey... and so fast!!! Anyway, for a Dom and considering you're weight is even lighter than mine, I wouldn't go for the S4A, they're too large I reckon. I'd go for the Rasta or Stretch (although I haven't decided for myslef yet).


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              I've used both R2 quads and SF4 quads in mine. They are both good, SF4s if small and R2s for anything with some punch.

              Normally I'd just stick to R2s but my 2 sets are being used in the Spitfire and the Hellfire. I tried the SF4s in my hellfire and not as drivey in good waves so I put them in the dominator and they are perfect for small waves.
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