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    I'm portuguese, 42 yrs and after a +20 yrs hiatus i've decided to surf again. Bought a 6'8 Al Merrick and was a great board to start again but last month i saw a 6'2 Dom for sale (2nd hand but flawless) and bought it. It was the best thing i could do!!! I'm having so much fun with it in "summer waves" (3/5ft) and i'm narrowing the gap between my "old" surf and my "new" surf.
    It's a great, great board!!! When i'll buy another board it'll be a smaller FW
    I'm using FCS K3 as thruster and the seller gave me the SF4 quad set. Heaven't tried it yet..
    I'm 5'8 and 62kg - are this the right fin options for me?

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    Yeah I think both are good sets for your size. I really like the Dominator as a quad so definitely try those SF4s. Very fun!


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      Thanx Prjwebb.

      Is it worth to try the K3's with SF4 rears? Does it make sense?


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        Yeah, could be fun! Always worth trying for a couple of waves. If it's really not working run back to the car and change them round.


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          I Ride Dominator as a Quad, Not enough drive with a Thruster. if anything fill in that empty thruster box with a snubby fin.

          Thruster is ok if the waves are steep and you want some late slide in take offs into a possible Hollow section. But Dom's mostly like to play on the open face of the wave not the barrel.

          If you know what fins you like on a normal PU HP board then go a size larger for that energy twang you get from the drive.