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6'2" Dominator to a 6'0" Dominator FST FCS

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  • 6'2" Dominator to a 6'0" Dominator FST FCS

    This weekend I sold my 6'2" Dominator, and I can tell you this it was a sad moment. I surfed that thing pretty much every week, sometimes 2-3 times a week for a year. That board got tons of use on it and barely showed it. I sold it for 380- which was 5 more than I bought it for. It held up so well that I just had to get another.

    So I surfed my new 6'0" Dominator today and it did so great!

    I thought I would struggle a little with the paddle and getting into waves but not the case at all. Take-off's were easy and my feet were up in the right position. The board is nano-tuned so it felt really fast and I was surprised how well I could make it down the line to the next section a-la-SP. I had one section where I just pumped a little and was down the beach in a heart beat (love it).

    I used the k2.1 fins, as I feel those fins are best for me and the board, and will be trying the Performance Core fins in it tomorrow. I got nothing bad to say about this board other than I need to get a little stronger to handle a little less volume on the paddle back out.

    Thanks Firewire for the Stoke!

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    Hwork - I too have a 6'2" Dom that I'm considering downsizing a bit, as it sometimes feels a little big in larger waves (I'm about 175lbs).
    The only thing that concerns me is the loss of paddling power - how do you find the paddling between the two sizes?


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      Hwork, I have the 6-4 Dominator (40.6 L) , I just switched to the 6-3 Activator (37.0L) I could have gone to a 6-2 Dom (38.1L) but ideally my volume range is 35L to 37L.
      So the Activator with its new tail is now my favorite. Dominator now the tag along in case its really crappy conditions.

      the 10% Downsize in volume is hardly noticed as the rocker is very similar, same easy paddle for me.


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        Surfed the DOM again this morning in 2-3 foot waves. I had absolutely no problem catching waves and caught some that were not even surfable. It goes to show that when selecting the right size volume it might be better to go down a notch even it goes against all common thinking regarding size.

        That has been my biggest problem the last 10 years surfing is that I would always get boards that were either too small or too floaty. It is a reason I just started surfing longboards and fun boards through my 20's because the potato chip thin boards did not work for me.

        I am 6'3" 185, I am not a huge guy, but not a little guy. My ideal volume is 35 based on my age and fitness as it is sucha personal thing that it is better to try a board you are considering, even if it is the wrong volume just to know how it feels.

        Dano, I would for sure try a 6'0" as I am all fired up right now about this board. The one big difference is getting my feet right as I tend to be too far forward sometimes. When my feet are right, watch out, I am coming with a head of steam to hit that lip or anything else down the line.

        Fritzkat, I think the 6-2 DOM would have been perfect for you. I know it is tough to go down to a size so small but you are in the same boat as me just 2 inches taller and 10 pounds heavier. I loved the 6-2" but felt it was time to push it a little bit and getting progressing with my surfing. Maybe at 50 the 4 is not a bad call, although you are surfing a lot and in probably great shape. Either way you win out!

        How does the activator compare to the Quadra 5, and the Dominator?



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          Yeah Brent,
          great to hear!! downsizing is an exciting thing!!


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            Thanks Chris for your help in making the decision for me. So much more fun and freer!


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