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188cm 90kg, board size??

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  • 188cm 90kg, board size??

    Hey guys,

    I've been looking at getting a new board and seeing as though my mate is frothing of his Quadra-5 Iíve decided to get a Firewire. I'm going to demo one (shop is 15min down the road, gold!) and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts/recommendations on which shape/size I should demo? I'm 188cm and 90kg, intermediate, surf the Gold Coast beachies mainly, occasionally the points. Have been riding 6'4" - 6'6" short boards. The dominator, el fuego and futura seem like popular boards for varying conditions from what Iíve read... Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    I reckon you should also consider the Spitfire as well, in my opinion this board is as versitile as the Dom but you can get more out of it performance wise!

    Size depends on your fitness level & what volume/float your comfortable with! When I was 90kg I bought a 6'6" spit that was just right, I'm 54yy & like a bit of volume to get me into my share of the waves.

    If your paddle fit & like to throw your board around (on the waves) maybe you can Demo a 6'4" or a 6'2" or even a 6'. If you know what volume your short board is & like the way it feels, then size your Firewire on that volume.

    Anyway happy demo day, my local demo shop has this great deal in that you pay $25 to demo a board for a week & if you buy one the $$$ comes of the new board price. When I bought my spit I had 4 demo boards ( Dom in two different sizes, El fuego & spit) before I decided on which on to go for so the $100 came straight of the price!


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      I reckon an Alt is a fantastic board to consider at 6'4" or 6'6". It won't grovel as well as a Spit or Dom, but is probably better for quality point waves, but more versatile than say a Flexfire or Taj or Spartan. That's what i'd get anyway.


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        Thanks for the thoughts! I'm going to grab a 6'4 Alt and a 6'2 spit to start and see how they go.. Thanks again!


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          You are on the right path. At that length the Alt is definitely an excellent choice, but the Spit is gonna catch your attention for sure because of its versatility and maneuverability


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            thanks for the good advice folks!!