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    Not quite sure what size Dominator to get as a travel board.
    About myself-
    34 yrs old
    175 lbs
    novice/intermediate surfer

    I surf mostly mushy waist to stomach beachbreaks here in NY on a 7'6 Walden Mini-Magic which works great. Lots of paddle power, catches waves easily and surprisingly agile for what it is. While I am thoroughly pleased with my current board in those conditions it is far less fun as the swell rises and its starts creeping over shoulder high and have a bit more power to them as the board feels too floaty and clumsy.
    What I'm looking for is a board that will feel more comfortable in HH+ surf without losing too much of it's paddling power/ wave catching ability on waist high days. I'm not looking for a shortboard, I want something with wide hips!

    I'm just not sure what size to get. My intitial thought was around 6'6" but the more I look around online the more I see everybody going really short with it. I don't care about keeping up with what everyone is doing but I dont want to get this wrong either. I know a 5'8" is too small. How would a 6' or 6'2 fair as a travel/ all-arounder?

    thanks for your input-

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    The 6'0" or 6'2" would both be good picks for you. They'll have plenty of float, maybe a little too much for pumping overhead waves, but in punchy smaller stuff or headhigh plus soft waves (not thumping barrels) it'll be a lot of fun for you and probably be something you'd want to keep in the quiver for small days even when you've moved on to a smaller board for bigger stuff.

    The bigger you go to begin with the easier the transition will be, but going with the smaller size will be more challanging to begin with but offer more growing room into the Future.

    I'd say you could either start with the 6'2" with the intention of maybe moving down to the 5'10" eventually, or go in at the 6'0" and be able to keep hold of it for a long time.


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      I'd suggest the 6'0" and I reckon it would suit the purpose perfectly. 6'2" if you want to be super cautious.


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        yeah i think Prj and Buzzy hit it on the head. Those sizes will give you enough volume so that you aren't overwhelmed by the new size, but its also a big enough step down that you are going to really develop as a surfer. Just keep in mind that there are obviously challenges as you step down in length, so your first couple sessions you will find yourself struggling. The cool thing though about surfing though is that during a struggle session, your body is learning and developing muscle memory etc so stick with it!!