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6'2" and 85kg.. Step down groveller..

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  • 6'2" and 85kg.. Step down groveller..

    Gday all..

    Nice work on the awesome forum.. Hours of good reading..

    Just getting into the firewires off conventional pu boards and so far loving every surf.. I'm riding a thin 6'2" Michel Bourez pro model at the moment but I'm looking for a replacement for a 5'11" x 20 x 2 1/2" JS sonic for my grovel beachie board

    I've narrowed down to 3 - Dominator (508 or 510), El Fuego (511) or Sub Scorcher (600).

    I have demod the El Fuego and loved it for front footed surfing blowing the tail and spinning reverses etc but the appeal of the rocker and top to bottom characteristics of the Dominator sound very appealing..

    I would say I am an intermediate to advanced surfer..

    Anyone around my height or weight ridden a 508 or 510?? I've been told to be careful not to go to long with the dominator and the 508 is a bit over a L more vol than my spartan where the 510 is 4.5L more..

    Also anyone ridden the Sub? haven't seen much reviews on it in FST?


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    No comment from me except to say if you're doing air reverses and tail blowing top turns you aren't an intermediate surfer.


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      I'm a fan of the Sub. If you're after something close to a shortboard but for good waves it's a great board.
      Dominator wise I think you'd be best on the 5'10". The 5'8" would float you know and if you want to keep minimal volume and maximise performance that could be a good call.


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        I reckon the 5'8" Dominator will be a good fun option for you


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          Cheers for the input lads.. I'm kinda amped on the dominator from everything I've read just was kinda hoping to push it down to 508 model.. Guess I'll have to see if naturals have demo in one of these sizes..


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            Thanks to all the replies so far frothing on the feedback would love to get down to the 508 but sounds like the 510 might be better suited.. Might have to chase up a demo in these sizes.. That sam dude in the uk surfshop you tube reviews rides a 508 Yeh? He must be over 80kg.. Could always go a 509 through CBD?