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Fcs MR-TFX on my dominator

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  • Fcs MR-TFX on my dominator

    Hello everyone. I have a 5`6`` dominator wich i just absolutely love. I am 5`7 and 145 pounds. I have tried different fcs fins and i just like to surf it with the thruster set up better than quad.
    I have allready tried the fcs sf4 - the board gets really fast but don`t like the quad feelling.
    Fcs M3 - really loose board but tends to drift on the bottom turns.
    Fcs M5 - more control, is the setup that i am surfing more often.

    Now i am thinking about the Fcs MR-TFX as i mentioned above( the thruster setup). Anyone tryed this setup? Do you like it?

    I surf mostly beachbreaks, 2 to 5 feet.

    Best regards.


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    In bigger more open faced waves it's a fun set up. In smaller, punchy stuff I prefer a setup that allows a snappier approach and quicker direction changes.


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      Hi Ricardo,

      My first Firewire was an El Fuego 6'3 that I surfed with a wrongly shoosen FCS M5 quad.

      After a reading several users from this Forum pointing to the MR TFX fins my EF felt alive and actualy manuverable.

      I sold the EF but not the MR fins because, at 79Kg, it had too much volume.

      My choice (for now) is a 6'0 Dominator that goes wunderfully with the MR fins. If your lucky to have some one to lend a MR fin set you'll see for yourself that they will not be a wrong choice.

      If you happen to surf at Carcavelos or Caparica just give me a call (912394444) and I'll be glad to lend you my MR.