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Great day on my dominator

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  • Great day on my dominator

    Was out yesterday in fun waist to shoulder beach break waves. I had my potato out the night before when it was a bit softer and slower. Super fun waist to chest. Exactly the type of wave it was made for. I think ot is definitely suites for that type of wave Im still waiting for my pnator but I think it would have been fun too especially on the pinchier steeper faced waves that came in every once in awhile Next morning I thought it would be similar but it jumped up a bit. Faster cleaner hollowier about chest high Actually got shacked on the Potato but I realized I needed a board with better hold and more rocker. Only had my twin fin kin fish. It rocked. So fun to just fly down the line. It's actually a great board. It always makes the drop and holds very well. After riding the sp i realized I had to surf a bit differently. Again the pnator would have been fun or my Dom but I didn't bring it. Afternoon session I didn't make that mistake. Sets were shoulder High. Fast makable drops. Barrels here and there. The Dom was insane. I've realized it will definitely have a place in my quiver even with the pnator. For me the dom just needs a wave with some push not necessarily size. We get so many weak slow waves that the sp and pnator will get more use but when it's small to medium and firing the Dom will be the call. I forgot how much I love it. Just havnt had good waves in awhile. I feel bad my twin fish will lose out but my surfing is becoming way more aggressive from all the work i have put in on my sp dom and hf. Not quite a backfooted surfer yet but I'm doing more with that back foot. Alot more pumping and carving. Can't wait to see how the pnator will factor in.

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    Great to here. Makes me want to take the DOM out and have a good day on it. Of course we have had waves here for 2 weeks and I could not go at all and the day I can go is small and windy and choppy. Not good.


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      Bumper you on the East Coast? Good little swell out there if you are...

      Yeah that is a fair assessment of the potato. It has way more maneuverability than a retro swallow tailed fish because the fins are so far out on the rail and there is no deep swallow.
      This allows you to get way better foot placement for sharp, crisp turning.

      The potato nator is the best blend of the Dom and the Sweet Potato. Sounds like a good li'l quiver.



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        I think living in a place where good days are once or twice a month for those of us who work 9-5 it's hard to really gauge how good new boards are. After a great 3 day swell in which I used every fw in my quiver I have come to the conclusion that these boards all go great. When you are surfing cruddy weak waves 70% of the time it can get very frustrating. So much so you doubt your boards and ability. But a great few days reaffirmed why I love fw boards. My performance level especially in good waves has grown so much due to the fw quiver I have. Not to mention I've owned 6 fw boards since the spring of 2009 and I have only broken 1 and nothing would have survived that inside closeout. I won't sell that fish because it has helped me develop a nice style and flow. In the last year the sp and Dom have helped my develop that more progressive back footed style. Not alot of waves that allow me to go top to bottom here but I have had my moments on waves with nice walls and shoulders.


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          I am in the same boat, feel exactly the same way. Only surfing about once or maybe twice a week with 2-3 footers. I have come to appreciate the DOM and the SP. When you get to spend a lot of time on these boards is when you actually begin to progress and get better. Cannot wait for summer when I am planning on spending 2-3 hours a day surfing!!


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            good stuff bumper. happy to hear that.

            yeah a 9-5 on inconsistent shores is a tough one...


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              ^ yeah tell me about it