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  • Chumlee/Dominator

    Hey guys,

    Do any of you that have a chumlee also have a dominator? I always have such a blast on my chumlee that I’m curious how the dominator would go as a daily driver.

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    I don’t, but I used to have a Dominator and now have a Chumlee.

    The Dom/Spitfire might not be in vogue but I listed to one of the Wire podcasts where they interviewed loads of Firewire staff and asked what they rode, surprisingly lots of them ride the Spitfire on average days despite having access to any new board.

    It’ made me think about the Dom / Spitfire as an option.


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      I'd rather grab a Dom despite the fat tail. The diamond tail of the Spit isn't for everyone, imho it is a tail option for more advanced surfers.


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        I have a couple of Dominators and I think its a very forgiving board and it probably has a few similarities to the Chumlee specially thinking about the tail as Apache mentioned.

        I think it could be a good choice for a daily driver if you get it sized up right, its a board that can handle a bit more size with no problems at all.

        And yeah I also own a Chumlee
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