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5'6 vs 5'8 to swap?

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  • 5'6 vs 5'8 to swap?

    I have been toying with the idea of swapping my 5'6 dom for a 5'8 dom/spit and have come across the opportunity as Iv found someone who is selling a 5'8 dom up in yorkshire

    Im 155lbs 70kg 11stone and 5'9 ride a 5'2 potato and 5'9 el fuego which feel great. The elfuego for the reduced volume and the potato although it feels large and chunky it really performs. I havnt quite worked the dom in yet but I also havnt really given it very long either.

    The 5'8 dom iv been considering has the old black style non fusion plugs. So it is probably a bit older than my 5'6 which has the fusion plugs. Are there any differences in construction/performance of the board based on age like this? how old does it mean that board is if its non fusion?

    At my height and weight and being confident intermediate should I just give the 5'6 more of a go to work in and stick with it? or take this opportunity now,

    cheers for your thoughts

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    I'd have you on a 5'6" but the 5'8" will be a bit easy going when the waves are smaller but you'd get a bit more out of 5'6 when the waves are better.

    i think fusions came in in 2010?


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      Cheers PRJ that's prob a good thing as the 5'8 is gone now anyway.
      il work in the 5'6 I have the potato for small stuff. I recon it will work better in the long run.
      Now just to justify a hellfire!


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        thanks for the help PRJ!