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Dominator FCS box strength

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  • Dominator FCS box strength

    Hi everyone. I just baught my first firewire. A dominator 6 4. Im 195cm tall and 95kg heavy. Ive also started constructing my own fcs fins out of ply and fiberglass, and i was wondering how far i could take them. The dom has 5 slots and i was thinking of building my own quads, bonzers, twin and single fins to test and "maybe" surf, if they work ofcourse.

    My next project would be a center fin, similar to a longboard center fin. You know, long long fin with a in relation small base. What i want to know is if the fcs boxes would be strong enough to take such a force produced by the long fin.

    Im going to test all my funky creations behind a boat "wakeboard" style, as i dont want to waste the few good waves im hoping for this summer...


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    hey Luis,
    small boxes are definitely designed to work optimally with standard two-tab FCS fins. So the question is at what point and with what fin are you putting the inbox at risk? I am not sure of the exact answer but I can say that a longboard center fin IS NOT the ideal size fin to put in a standard FCS box.

    i guess the short answer is I can't give you anything better than it is not recommended. Your board could be fine, or you could fall and knock the tab out. If it were me, I would avoid putting in anything that would work as a single fin. too much area in my opinion.

    Hope this helps!



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      Hey chris. Thanks for your reply. Oh what a shame.
      Would have loved to try some long swoppy turns with a longboard set up. Would have been pretty interesting. Well as this ismy first new board ive ever baught, i want this baby to last me a long time! I hope it performs as well as i think it will. Going to arrive in 6 weeks and then im going to start praying for some summer hurricane surf! Thanks for making such a beautiful board :)