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176 by 88kegs 6' or 6'2 Dom

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  • 176 by 88kegs 6' or 6'2 Dom

    176 tall by 88kgs.
    Beginner/intermediate surfer in 1-5' surf.

    Been riding a 5'6" spud which has been great. I'm not the bees knees on it -but been enjoying the extra foam and stability feel like I'm getting more of the hang of it.
    Had a surf on 5'10 potatonator which was pretty good, had some good waves but was riding it with future controllers. at times found a bit unstable (getting used to SP) and waves were starting to pitch up a fair bit.

    Want an easy paddling wave machine to suit a good range of conditions is the Dom the go and what size or should I go a oversized potatonator maybe 6'

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    6'0" Dom would be great I reckon. I'd ride one 4-6" bigger than the Sweet Potato.


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      Thanks prjwebb

      That's a fair drop in volume from my SP to a 6' Dom

      How's the stability difference between Dom and SP and would I have any major draw backs in going a 6'2 Dom and getting a bit more float which would equel more paddle ease / wave catch ability


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        The improvement in wave size and quality where you'd be riding the Dom over the SP would usually make up for the drop in volume. That lower volume will give you a bit more instability to begin with, but as you adjust and improve it will be more sensitivity rather than instability.
        The lower volume will also make it a little easier to get out through breaking waves and you will probably find the the increased length over the SP means it still paddles and catches waves well. There's a lot of foam in the Doms.

        If you went with the 6'2" you might find that the transition feels a little easier to begin with, but as you improve you'll probably outgrow the board quite quickly whereas the 6'0" will give you much more room for improvement whilst still providing amount volume for you at this stage.


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          I'd be suggesting the 6'2" myself.


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            6'2" is packing the same volume as his SP though, I'd prefer a little less in a Dom, personally. I guess it's up to the individual. Made try to have a feel of both sizes and gauge whether either feels too big or too small.


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              True enough, all. He's a beginner intermediate though so I reckon at 185lbs that'd be the way to go. As he improved a bit less litre age to differentiate from the SP would definitely be a viable way to go.


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                Sorry, 88kgs!


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                  Originally posted by buzzy View Post
                  True enough, all. He's a beginner intermediate though so I reckon at 185lbs that'd be the way to go. As he improved a bit less litre age to differentiate from the SP would definitely be a viable way to go.
                  Cheers buzzy and prjwebb

                  Noticed your on a 6'4" Dom. How do you find it and what sort of waves/conditions do you surf it in.

                  Think a 6'2" could be the go then downsize but maybe the challange of a 6 would be good. Wish someone round here had a Demo. I hear what your saying about SP, but think that I could possible be on a 5'8" to use it more as a grovelling wave pincher when the loggers are filling the line up. (no offence to loggers)


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                    Yeah, I'm on the 6'4" Dom. I tend to use it from around thigh high to head high in pretty much all conditions, but if it's particularly small and gutless I use a board with similar volume but wider nose by a local shaper. Once it gets head high provided the wave has some power I'd move to the Alternator. If they're super mush burgers I may stay on the Dom until 1.5x overhead.

                    I really don't feel that I'm over volumed on the 6'4" at my weight. My feeling is I could move between the 6'2" and 6'4" fairly easily, but I wouldn't want to go shorter or longer than that range.

                    The board prefers a bit of shape to the wave. It prefers a bit of push. But it's a super neutral board IMHO that can accommodate quite a few different surfing styles, which is great for someone starting out.

                    I'd definitely steer you to the 6'2" over the 6'0" but that isn't to detract from the knowledgeable and different advice from others. We all have our different preferences and I'm pretty sure there's not a huge difference in volume for those models.