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  • Dominator vs El Fuego

    Hey all!
    I was hoping to get some opinions on the differences between the Dominator and the El Fuego. What conditions do each prefer? I'm looking into buying one of the two as an all around board(If there is another board I should consider let me know), ideally I'd like it to cover knee/waste high up to about head high.

    I currently ride a 7'0" "fun-shape" and a 6'6" hybrid shallow tail. The shortest board I've ever ridden if a 6'4". I'm 5'10" and about 150 pounds(68kgs). The conditions I generally ride are beach break so I dont get nice long lined up walls too much. Mostly more sectiony rollers with a bit of steepness. I've only been surfing for about a year so I'd place myself in the beginner/intermediate category and the volume calculator places my volume range in the 31-38 ballpark. I'm thinking I'd prefer to be in the upper range of that category?

    Thanks! Can't wait to make a decision!!

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    I reckon the Dom would be a better beach break board, but I've never surfed the EF so there's no direct point of comparison - it's more based on my experience with not completely dissimilar boards. Basically I reckon a Dom is a more versatile shape for a beach break which can have some steepness. If it was a beach break with consistently crumbly weak waves then the EF would be better.

    At 68kg you won't need a particularly big board. I'd think around the middle of the range of litreage you've suggested would be good. The upper end would have you on a 6'2" Dom and I think that'd just be too big at your weight. Maybe 5'10" or 6'0" at the outside.


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      I would go for the dominator, a much user friendly board.Paddle is easy on it and it glides like hot knife on butter.
      Providing that you're coming out of a 7'0" and that you surf around 2 times a week, I would go for the 6'2". Remember you're still progressing so you need to feel comfortable on the board you're riding. Even though the board will be over volumed, the extra dimensions will gig you a more stable platform to improve.
      Do not leave on the side the Addvance 6'6", Nev has one and he trips every time he rides it
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        Hey mate, I've got both these boards in plus sizes. I tend to surf my 608 Dominator when the swell is up and ride the 605 El Fuego the rest of the time. The Elf is a great board but definitely a bit sportier than my Dom. It doesn't have the boxy rails and huge tail which makes it a bit more twitchy but in a good way. I think the Dom is probably a bit more forgiving esp at 608 so it's your call. I'm much biggger than you so you would be looking at a lot smaller boards than mine. Demo them if you can, both great boards. Good luck.


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          Thanks for the suggestions all! Definitely sounds like the Dominator is where I'll be headed. Does anyone have any suggestions on fins(future)? I've read some other posts on the matter but everyone seems to be a lot heavier then I am. .