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  • 5'8 Dominator

    Sold my 5'8 DM a few months ago, and really want it back! It was 5'8 FST, and just want someones opinion on wether to get another FST or rapidfire. I have a 5'4 SP FST and LOVE it, but I think I may like the responsivness of the RF more...

    Would love if someone has been on both the FST and RF dominator could tell me their opinion.

    BTW, im 6'1 190 LBS int-adv surfer.


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    Hey SD, si hablas espaņol pues mucho mejor!!;)
    Now I found the Rapidfire has a more direct response and is quite lighter than the FST, but I really like the feeling of the FST under mi feet.
    I guess is a matter of preferences. If you ask Core he will swear for his rapidfires.


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      I have a 5'8 Dominator FST and love it. A mate has one in Rapidfire and we swapped boards the other day.....i didn't mind the Rapidfire but preferred the mate has decided to get an FST next time as he preferred it to the Rapidfire.

      FST is a lot stronger that Rapidfire and depending on how you treat them FST should last longer.


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        I am all about my 508 FST Dominator. I too prefer the durability benefits....