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  • Dominator - Step Up?

    OK - so I've had a 6' 4" Dominator for several years and love it as an all round board. It was amazing to get back on a short board after years of riding mid-lengths. The Dom's only shortcoming is in steeper, pitching waves - beach break or reef - when rather than getting in early tend to be hung up in the lip, making the drop a late one or missing the wave. I'm looking to move to a board with similar volume and versatility but able to handle gruntier surf up to 5'. Could be a Unibrow? Appreciate advise. I've been surfing since my teens, now early 50's & 158 lb. Average fitness.

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    From my intermediate perspective getting hung up in the lip happens with boards that have "too much nose", meaning their nose is too wide (1) and/or too thick (2) or the board has overall too much volume, length and width resulting in too much foam in front of the front foot (3). I used to get hung up with my 6'5 fish and 6'8 Simon Anderson mollusk, especially in really steep waves. Both do work but it requires more skill. Found that with smaller boards it already gets way easier, a small board lies "in" the water and gets pushed down, no risk of Kinda floating on top. And thinnner front areas work wonders. My # can still get hung up above 8ft faces at times, my MB never gets hung up.
    I'd look at an Unibrow or an even more HP shape - and at a generally smaller toy for those conditions for your weight. I went down considerably in volume 2 years ago (38-40 > 33-35) and it helps a lot. I thought I wouldn't handle the paddling but it's much less difficult as one thinks, while duck diving and catching gets easier (up to a certain point - not in weak/small waves) at lower board volumes. Compromise can be a HP board (= narrower shape) at slightly higher volume like my MB or some of the pyzel better wave shapes.


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      Hey appreciate that - think you've nailed the issue. I'll look at less volume overall and a thinner stick with more rocker/less nose. Was thinking Unibrow, but I'll check out the Hashtag too. I'm not riding anything over 5-6' so a high performance model might not be necessary. Have a great weekend.