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  • What size should I get?

    I already have a 5'10 dominator that is great once I get going, but I can't make a lot of sections and I have trouble getting in to waves. When the waves are steep enough it does fine, but I live in a place where the waves are pretty mushy/rolling and aren't super steep. I am thinking about getting a bigger dominator. I am about 6'0 feet tall and 155 lbs. Any suggestions for height and volume of a dominator for me?

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    Hi Gracie123, what's your surfing background and spot, what waves do you have in mind? At 155lbs a 5'10 Dom is a spot on choice for a beginner/lower intermediate IMHO, and it's certainly a shape that gets going rather easy and early, even in mush. Of course there are faster shapes for really low/slow waves, ranging from minimals and fish shapes (including some tomos, RNF, the advance, the creeper....). If you don't have to duckdive and can paddle around going bigger in volume is a good idea, if not you'll be tired on too much foam, so there is a trade off. And you'll have to watch board dims as some shapes get too wide for slimmer riders at bigger volumes. So I can't answer whether a bigger Dom would be the solution for you. For example, I am rather light for my height (6'4 - 195 lbs), too, and I feel kinda awkward on anything above 21'' width (including the inside of my arm touches the rails too often). Cheers


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      Thanks for the response! I mainly surf reef breaks and usually surf my dominater in 3-6 foot surf. The waves aren't supper mushy and you can't get around duck diving. I just feel like a need something with a bit more paddle power to get going.


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        Edit road:
        Hi, picture gets a bit clearer :) but not completely so : 3-6ft = faces (1-2 m faces) or OZ scale (2-3m massive)?
        My paddling / duckdiving comment is related to your surfspot setup, as IMHO with all non-point break waves and, especially beach breaks, you need to mainly duckdive your way out, while in point breaks and some reef breaks there can be channels and rips to get around the peak. If you don't need to duckdive 20 times for one wave even a bigger, a wider board is still easy to handle. If not you may still go up in volume but you need to keep down board width for ease of paddling and duckdiving. On my Michel bourez 6'4 / 19 1/4 I'll be out twice as fast in heavy beach break conditions above 6ft than on my 6'2 / 19 3/4 # with its wider nose, as the MB is a faster paddler and ducks easier.
        This said, if you are looking at less critical waves with less critical duck diving I'd go up on the DOM - or look at a similar shape, maybe with a wide squash tail to improve catching/the get go (almond butter, advance, RNF, CI n4....). Otherwise, for a more critical lineup, I'd go up in volume but with another shape than the DOM keeping the same width than your current DOm, like a unibrow or a potatonator. The choice of shape depends on wave size/type. Up to OH in fat waves maybe a POT, beyond that size I'd rather look at a bigger unibrow for more range atl. My 2 cents.
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          If paddling power is really what you want help with and the 5'10" Dominator feels fine once you are up and riding, I suggest you switch to a different shape like the Greedy Beaver in 5'10" or 6'0". The Dominator has a really wide tail so I'd be worried you would start to have trouble making your bottom turns if you cranked up the volume. The Greedy Beaver, on the other hand, seems to put all the extra volume in the nose and chest while keeping the tail a bit more refined. To me, that sounds like a board that can be ridden pretty high volume to help with paddling, but still being able to make critical turns when you really need to.


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            Thanks! Very helpful! Thinking maybe about a RNF sounds like a pretty cool board. Thanks again!