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What size Dominator for me?

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  • What size Dominator for me?

    Hey everybody,

    I'm new to the forum and just looking for a bit of advise.

    I have been surfing on and off for the past 4/5 years, but decided to put all my time into progressing this summer to a better level and hopefully reach some of my goals that I have been dreaming of.

    So I'm heading for Portugal for a couple of months equipt with a New Dominator, think this is my best option through a bit of research, but i'm still unsure of the size.

    I weigh 70kg and I am 5'8, I have previously been surfing 6'6 and 6'4 shortboard in messy beach break surf mostly. I would say that my level is somewhere between beginner and intermediate. So i have been thinking something around 6'0 would be a good board size for me to learn and progress on.

    Anything advise or chat on the dominator or other boards would be appreciated.

    All the best, Angus.

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    I'd say 5'8" to 5'10" is your range, more likely the 5'10". The Dom would be ideal.


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      At your level I wold go for the 5'10" if you are planning on surfing often


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        well played!! agreed!!


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          I am intermediate, 72 kgs surfer that living in Portugal and my 5'10 Dominator is the boards that I use the most.