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  • just got the dominator

    hey got a few questions I ordered a 6'8 dominator from one of my buddys (just cause of price reasons) but when it came in the mail it was a 6'6. I am a semi beginner been doing for about two years and able to get up and get down the line. I am defiantly wont to progress my surfing into other things this might seem like a crazy question but I wonder how much it will effect my abilities right now I ride 7'0 WRV. I am 6'0 about 190-200 (haven't weighed myself in a while). Also this board comes with future fin set up I don't really know anything about those any suggestions I ride shorebreak and sloppy mushy waves most the time unless there's a good storm on the east coast of the US. The real big concern is I helped a friend buy his first board I told him to get the 6'10 addvance since he was a beginner but when he got his it was as well a 6'6. I don't know what to do cause this pretty small and I feel he going get frustrated and have a hard time but I ordered it straight from the manufacturer so I don't know if I can send it back or if they can do anything about it.

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    Trev, if you ordered one size and got another then I'm sure you'd be able to insist on the right size being delivered.

    I couldn't say whether your beginner friend has got a lemon size, because that depends on his/her own weight etc. The 6'6" is still plenty of board. As for you, I reckon at 190-200lbs the 6'6" is probably the better size, so it might actually be a serendipitous mistake.


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      Trevor first of all, it's a good thing that the board came with Futures fins, for me the best fins system there is. But again that's my opinion
      As buzzy stated the 6'6" has plenty of flotation and dimensions for your particular case. The 6'8" might have felt quite big for you in my opinion.
      I do surf occasionally in the Maine NH area when swells decide to bless us and the dominator will suit those conditions pretty nicely.
      Your abilities will be affected, they will actually be increased


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        Right on @ iggy yeah I am pretty stoked about it just got it today you got any recommendations on the futures right now I am looking at the SA3's thruster set was thinking bout making a quad got a feeling it might be a little to loose feeling for me right now but I am def happy in the future I can switch it out and make into a quad. @ Buzzy I hope its not a lemon board for him he really does not have much experience and I defiantly did not start out on a 6'6 that's what worry me but like you said it does have alot of float so maybe it will be alright. Sent them a email gonna have to see what they say I am gonna talk to my buddy who I ordered them from and see what he says as well.


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          That board is really fun as a quad.
          Quads: SA4
          Thruster: AM2 or Pancho's


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            Hey Trevor,
            When you say you ordered it directly from the manufacture, do you mean us? We don't sell to the public so i am not sure that is possible. If you ordered a board with any entity and got something other than what you ordered, as long as the board didn't get used, you absolutely can set up a return.


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              hey Chris I ordered it through my friend who works at gander mountain and I guess they have some kind of connection with you