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5'10 or 5'11" Dominator?

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  • 5'10 or 5'11" Dominator?

    I was looking in the local shops for a 5'10" dominator, but to no avail. I did however find a 5'11". My main concern is over voluminous this board. I'm looking to progress from my 6'10" Addvance, which I love and have been using Elevons in ever since I've had it. I ended up, telling the guy id think about it. I ended up re confirming with a shop that would take an order for me on a 5'10". I hope I made the right call. And he even was thinking of getting me on a 5'8". I'm average skill level. 185 lbs. 6'0"ft. Good shape. Needless to say. I can't wait for this board to arrive. I need to figure out which set of thrusters to use as well. Cheers folks! Thanks for all the help! Especially you Iggy
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    That will be a good size for you. I ride Fut. AM2.


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      Yep. The 510 will be perfect. You've made the right choice.