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  • to keep or not to keep...

    ok guys i have been riding a 508 dominator in about everything for a few years now and love it. i surf in NC mostly at emerald isle. Today i was browsing in my local shop and saw a 601 ajw potato launcher for 385 on sale and i bought it. now i cant decide wether to keep my dom or sell it. i have an offer on it for 300 but i love it and am reluctant to see it go but i am also afraid it overlaps the new board too much. Any thoughts??

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      If you can afford to I or would keep the dominator for a while yet some times its good to get back on a board your comfortable with when things aren't working out and the dom will probably grovel heaps better than the potato launcher Iv'e sold plenty of boards to fund a new one then regretted it later