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Dominator or potatonator???

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  • Dominator or potatonator???

    Hi guys Guess this topic is getting old, but I'm still confused which one I should get. I am intermediate/advance, 35, fit, 6"3 and 200lbs. Usually ride hp boards around 33l and looking for a groveler. I'm not to in to the über grovelers so the sp is not an option. Waves I will be riding it in are weak, mushy windchop from knee high faces and up. As soon as it gets toward waist high, I will bring out my unibrow. Will the 6"0 dominator cover that or should I get the 5"10 potatonator? Cheers, N

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    i ride a 508 dom in everything but have ridden my dads 600 pnator and they both will fit the bill. doms definately more suited for more high performance surfing but it will kind of overlap the unibrow. id say the sweet spot for the dom is thigh to chest high waves that are sort of mushy. if that helps...


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      hi norberg. When I was 200lb I was riding a 600 spitfire, and it would ride the waves you're describing. However, considering you have a unibrow I'd opt for the potatonator. The dom and uni will have A LOT of overlap in that waist high region, where as the PN will grovel, but if the swell jacks it will still go in surf up to head high.


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        Hey guys

        Thanks for the feedback.

        Yeah, the board will most likely be used in conditions ranging from knee to waist high in crappy waves so sounds like the potatonator is the right board. I am not a big fan of the uber grovelers as mentioned so hopefully this one still has some sort of HP DNA in it.

        I read somewhere that it needs to be surfed of the back foot. Is that correct? I tend to prefer a more neutral board and have struggled the super back footed boards in the range.



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          No more back footed than a uni. However it's a very wide tail, quads would be the best option, flat inside foil on the rears.


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            That's what I was afraid of, I am not a big fan of quads and was hoping that it would be ok to run it as a thruster. I'm not making this easy on you guys, ha ha


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              by the way, tried the uni as a quad and felt like a total kook. not sure if that would translate into how I would surf the PN as a quad??


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                I wasn't a big quad fan until I tried them in my spitfire. It took a few surfs and I was a convert. However, the uni I love as a thruster. I've also heard a lot of people running thruster in the PN or even a twin with trailer.


                • norberg
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                  Cool, need to decide then. I really like the look of the dominator, but I guess it does overlap with the uni in waist/chest high waves. PN is probably the best board for the job.

                  Appreciate the input

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                Alternatively you could look at an el fuego. Still overlaps, but different enough.


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                  NorbergI would have to say you go with the dominator and don't look back. It is perhaps our best-selling board of all time and every time I get back on it and write it I remember why I love it so much. I don't think there is any way you go wrong with that board.



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                    I have a Dominator and want a Potatonator, for smaller knee to head high waves. Although the main reason for that is my Dom is huge 6'8" 50lts, i have owned a 6'4" Dom and found it hard work in small waves, i thought its paddle speed wasnt great and it didnt have a natural planing speed on the fatter waves. From what i have read on here the Potatonator has that planing speed. In saying that though my 6'8" has gone really well in chest to head high waves, i think the smaller Doms are more suited to bowly type waves with a bit of punch and not flatter windswells. I may be wrong as i didnt have my 6'4' for long. I may have been surfing it too much on the front foot which slowed it down. I think the PN is more neutral in regard to back / front foot surfing. The other thing to consider is age, at 35 Norberg has room for progression, it is hard to say at what age that stops and goes in reverse, at 50 Tom Curren showed that he hasnt lost much at JBay, and of course theres that other guy with no hair who's not bad. At 54 my days of doing new stuff on boards is in decline but im hoping i wont have to turn to a 10ft board anytime soon. I am 6'3" and 200lbs but thats where the similarities stop, my advice would be to watch the Timmy Reyes vid on the PN in tiny waves.