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Help Save My "Bucket List Trip" with the right board and fin setup!!!

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  • Help Save My "Bucket List Trip" with the right board and fin setup!!!

    Ok...I'm 42 years old and for my birthday my wife game me the opportunity of a life time. 8 Days at Cardon Resort in Mexico to re-learn how to surf. I used to be probably an intermediate surfer with mostly long boards until I had kids. After that it went downhill with only a handful of sessions every year. Now that I'm going on this amazing trip I feel I need a new board in my quiver and everyone is pusing me towards a Dominator. I'm thinking with my size (5'11" 185 lbs) I would go with about a 6'2" all around board. I'm still open for suggestions but I'm thinking of erroring on the long side based on surfing mostly longboards for the last 7 years. I'm also struggling with a safe fin setup that is not too lose where I can't stand up but lose enough to have some fun and not think I'm on my 7'7" McTavish Carver and can't make turns. I have heard nothing but good things about the Dominator and I know I will love it but I really don't have a chance to play around and test it much before I go on my trip. After reading through hours of posts and making my choices more confusing than ever; I trust that all of the people posting on this board have more knowledge than me and will lead me in the right direction. Thanks for the help!!!

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    6'2" to 6'4" depending on the conditions you intend to use it in. If mostly in head high and below go the 6'4". If you're looking it to cover 1.5x overhead go the 6'2".

    I really think the 6'4" would be better though based on what you are saying.


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      6-4 Dom, unless your in shape to paddle a 6-2 or 6-0.. 6-4 will give you lots of foam with an easy paddle, and forgive you if you land your feet in the wrong spots while learning a new board again.


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        From your description, I would suggest 6'6 or 6'10 ADDVANCE. The Dom is still a pretty sporty package, so you may struggle on it early especially in the 6'2 - 6'4 range. On a bucket list trip, you want to be catching heaps of waves and having fun, not struggling IMO.


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          Addvance 6'6" as well. ore stable platform and it will help you specially after coming from such a hytus and after being surfing longboards for so long. Even the 6'10" if you want to ease the paddling... ultimately you want to have fun, and to have fun you need to catch waves


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            I agree with you lot by the way the Addvance @ 6'6" would be a better pick, possibly even the 6'10", but I'm also conscious the McTavish Carver will fill a similar role to the Addvance. I had assumed aw wanted a board which was more differentiated from the Carver.


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              good stuff folks.....

              smaller addvance sizes, 606 or 610....