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Spitfire or Dominator? Relation to surfing abilities. Help!

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  • Spitfire or Dominator? Relation to surfing abilities. Help!

    Hi guys, so I have been surfing since the end of last year (consistently 1-3 times a week) in average storm surf to head high, sometimes throwing waves. Mostly I will have a storm surf/windy surf once a week and a better quality surf aswell. I have been surfing an El-nino core 7'0 soft top very easily. Lately I have been surfing with another guy that is experienced and he lent me his 5'10 slightly fishy board. I found it very easy to surf, duckdive and paddle. I was able to carve and top turn, but found it a little skaty at times. Id say it was around 28L and about 19 3/4 wide.
    I have ridden the board 3 times, 2 times in good head high surf down at Raglan and another local in 1-3 onshore mess and I am confident on the board. I would consider myself an beginner/ intermediate taking my surfing to the next level, starting to bottom and cutback. This leads me to a disscusion about what board to look at.
    I went down to a local surf shop and talked to an expert, I told him my situation and said i would like to try a Dom. When I told him about the soft top he looked at me as if didnt know how to surf, then i told him about the 5'10. He said that I am making the transition into thinner, more munnerverable boards (shortboards of course) and that the Dom would be great. He then suggested a few boards etc and then said that I would probably be better off with a more performance board like the SF as the Dom might have too fat of a tail. I need to know what size and L would be good, I'm thinking 5'6 28.5L.
    Any tips and comments I would very much appreciate! Any any other board suggestions would also be helpful but I would like the durability of Firewires!
    Im 15 and weigh 55 kgs ( I'm quite short!)

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    Also please could I get a little info about what fins are good, looking at all round quads. Thanks


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      I'd go with the Spitfire, you will get more out of it. They are both quite similar but the Dom will skip out at times because of that thick tail once it gets a bit hollow. The Spitfire won't but as it gets steeper and hollower you will have you hands full on the take off, so get it as short as you can. It will surf mush to good waves. The other thing to think about is getting a Hellfire instead. It will be a better all round board IMHO. If you are going with a 5'6 Spitfire a 5'8 Hellfire will probably be your size. They both surf similarly but the Hellfire will handle steeper and hollower waves. The other board I loved as an all rounder was the Jacknife - if I could only have one board it would be a toss up between the JK and the HF. In fact at my other home I have another HF because of its versatility and I can't leave a quiver there at my in-laws.

      Fins: I love the FCS Rusty R2 quads with a small 5th fin. The KR JP-Q4s are good too. These fins work well in either the Spit/Dom or the Hellfire.
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        Good stuff Slowman, thanks for the response.


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          Hey, Slowman, thanks for the response I really appreciate it! I will definitely take on board your suggestions and look at the JK and HF. Looking at pictures of the HF it looks like the SF with tucked in nose and tail, will check it out next time I head to the surf shop. Im glad you mentioned versatility aswell. I didnt expect the dom to handle hollower, steeper waves, hence my post, and now I have a narrower idea of what im looking for! Thanks for fins aswell, I will check them out next week as Im off overseas.
          ​Thanks again.