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Futures New Rasta or Stretch for Quad setup?

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  • Futures New Rasta or Stretch for Quad setup?

    Looking for feedback on what you guys think would work well for a 6'0" Dom and 195lbs intermediate for all round use and maybe leaning more towards the smaller/mushy surf. Its been a number of years since I've surfed a quad.

    Decided on boards (6'4" Alt and 6'0" Dom) and now its time to figure out fin selection.

    - Both SF4s and SF3s seem to get good reviews for the larger surfer and if possible would be great to save on cost by getting the 4 with a 5th centre fin.
    - Otherwise for a thruster set up I think I'm going to go with the MB1s.

    Don't know what to do for the quad.

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    Glad you found your boards Rob.

    I haven't ridden the Rasta Quads yet, but we just got a set in the office and I really like their shape. Look like a great performance quad set that will work in solid surf. Remember, Rasta doesn't ride thrusters so his fins are pretty much optimized to be as versatile as possible. Some of that will come from fin placement, but I can guarantee that this is a really well thought out fin.

    You could very easily go with the Rasta Quad set and order a center trailer. that would be an awesome 5 fin set...