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    Hi guys.

    I put this in the Spitfire section but thought I'd post here to see if I get different advice.

    I'm 42, 6'2 and 95 Kgs. I surfed when I was a teenager in Durban, then gave it up when I moved to the UK (land locked) and started again a year ago (in NZ).
    Started out on a longboard and got straight back into it, so started the hunt for a shorter board. I tried a few short, wide grovel boards but didn't like them (to loose and skatey). I managed to pick up a 6'10 Spitfire for a really good price and have spent a couple of months catching everything I paddle for. The problem is it's to big.

    I really like the shape so I think I'll just go for a smaller one but I thought I'd get some opinions before pulling the trigger.

    My main (beach) break is Muriwai (Auckland west coast) but I also head up the NE coast when the swell arrives (rarely). Waves are from knee/thigh to just over head high (where it maxes out) and are fairly fat at anything other than low tide. Very rarely hollow offshore. Surfing in the pocket can quite often be frustrating as you spend a lot of time navigating around foam (broken lines) to get to the next section. The most fun days are out on the open face.

    So....Spitfire? Dominator? Anything else?
    I can demo a 6'8 Dominator but nothing at 6'6 (apart from an Addvance).

    Any help appreciated.

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    I'd check out the Nano, its amazing. 6'2 or 6'4 and you'll be stoked.


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      Thanks BFILK.

      A bit left field but I'll give it a go when my local shop gets a demo in. They only have a 5'8 at the moment.


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        potatonater 6 or 6' 2" or even a Unibrow 6' 4 6 6


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          If it was me at 95kg coming off a longboard and longer hybrid for up to head high non hollow surf I'd be getting a 6'6" Dom. Full stop.


          • keith
            keith commented
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            i agree Buzzy, 1st thing i thought of when i read the post.

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          Just to tie up the loose ends as I hate reading threads without a conclusion....

          Finally got a demo organised. The 6'4 Dom was out so I took out a 6'2 V2 Rocket (39L). I'll do a write up and post in the V2 section, but needless to say I won't be going down the Dom/Spit route.


          P.S. BFILK, My local shop gets a 6'0 Nano next week so i'll be demoing that next weekend.