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  • Dominator for a child

    Hi there, my daughters 8 years old and has been learning on a foamie. We've just bought her a 5ft 4 dominator for her birthday but I was wondering how long this would last her for? What height:weight person is this board suitable for? She's pretty light now at about 27 kilos. She's obviously got about of a transition I'd guess but I need the foamie for my 5 year old. They surf about 4x a week.

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    What a wonderful parent you are.The board should ride well for anyone up to 40kgs or so. So the younger kid will be waiting for a long time for a hand me down! Unless of course you and your family are all 6 foot plus at 13!!!!!
    It will be interesting to see if she can thrash the board or it will survive to be handed on - a good test of Firewire's technology.


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      Should last quite a while. Children aren't going to put as many pressure dents into a board as adults because they're so light. Because she won't be putting that much stress on the deck, it shouldn't take on water for a very long time. Just don't run it into the sand or rocks!

      - FIJ