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Found a 6'8 Dom for sale...too big?

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  • Found a 6'8 Dom for sale...too big?

    Guys- need some avice. I'm 6'4 215lbs beg/int surfer and have been looking for a SP for a while (6'0 51L) to surf in the mush. I came across a 6'8 Dom for sale for a pretty good deal but have a feeling its going to be too big at (50L). The Firewire vol calc puts me at 46-52 L (intermediate) in bad waves and 43-48L in good waves. The 6'6 seems to be just below the 46 level (45.2L) but the 6'8 is on par w/the SP volume I'm looking for. What do you guys think? I'm 31 yrs, relatively fit guy who has stunted my surfing progression by getting undervolumed boards. I can ride the face, and am working on speed generation. I surf so cal where its mostly 1-4ft and a lot of times blown out. Just want to make sure I'm not going too far to the other side (over vol) since I know the Dom is not meant to be surfed overvolumed. Would this be a good size? A good compliment to the SP?

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    For the mush I would not mind the extra foam at all, and when it gets bigger will be a matter of putting bigger template fins. I don't see why you should let the opportunity go. That board will help you improve for sure as I always said, is one you want to keep around


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      Thanks iggy! What do you think about adding a SP to this mix if I get the opportunity? Would that be a good 2 board quiver for a guy that doesn't get out much in head high +? My one big concern with this board is that its not FST. I have read a few things about the durability of RF vs FST and if push comes to shove feel like the FST is the better call for me given my size (need a board that can hadle more abuse from these size 13s).
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        The size is great. I personally use my Dom for the very smallest of waves. I don't feel a need for a more grovelling board. A Dom is really the only board a progressing intermediate needs until they start getting into more performance surfing and consistently surfing overhead plus waves (in which case another board will be needed).


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          What would be good to pair with the SP for better surf? Dom/Spitfire/Activator?


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            They're all in the same ball park. I like the smooth round turns of a Dom but I reckon the performance differences would be a few % between each. No matter what you got you'd quickly adjust to and love.


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              I have the SP already and really want to get a board for 3-6 ft. It seems like the Dom is the way to go, unfortunately before I figured this out the board got away. Still keeping my eyes peeled, thanks for the post! I'll let everyone know what I end up going with.

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            I also have and SP for the smaller days and love it. Just test drove an Addvance and loved it. Lots of volume, gets into waves easily, stable on the take off's, etc. The day I rode it the waves were solid 5ft and I definitely got my share of waves. I'm getting one as soon as I can. I would definitely recommend adding this to your list of possible board choices.