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Dominator vs JS Blakbox Volumes

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  • Dominator vs JS Blakbox Volumes

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to get some feedback on the volume accuracy. I have 6 4 RF Dominator and 6 4 JS Blakbox and I can't for the life of me work out why the Blakbox is easier to paddle than the Dom? The Dom has 41.5 liters and the Blakbox 38.6 liters. Is frustrates the hell outta me as they are both small wave grovelers yet the Blakbox is easier to paddle and floats me more yet the volume of the Dom is more! I do notice the fuller rails and flat deck on the Blakbox but surely a board that has more volume will be easier to paddle right?


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    not always jon. it can come down to shape and foam distribution. for example, I find my El Fuego to paddle equal to or better than my dominator (28L vs 31L) but its due to the wider flatter nose.

    I am thinking that because a majority of the foam in the JS blackbox is towards the middle and it has a wide nose, that could be a contributing factor.

    Also worth noting is you likely would reach for the black box in better surf, which makes paddling into waves easier as well....



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      I had a 6'3 JS BlackBox for a while and it was a good paddler.

      There is a lot of volume under your chest for easier paddling, the rails are quite full and i think from memory the nose area on the front section of the board is slightly fuller than the Dominator. Rocker also will play a big part in how a board paddles i think you might find that there is a smaller entry and exit rocker on the Blackbox.


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        Good stuff.


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          Thanks guys that makes a lot of sense. In built up metro beaches it's worth getting great paddling board. At the end of the day you can't do any hacks or carves if your missing the waves.

          Actually it's a toss up now with the addvance. I wish the addvance was made in a sizes below 6 6. Does FW have a Round Nose Fish besides the Sweet P and King/Quad fish?