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Picked up 2nd hand 6' 4" Dominator :)

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  • Picked up 2nd hand 6' 4" Dominator :)

    Will let you know how it goes.

    Coming from a 6' 10" Addvance, also have a 6' 0" Potatonator.

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    What's your wieght reserves? Iv spotted a 6'0 potatonator I'm advising my 85-90 kg intermeidiate friend to buy but wondering what you think of the vol in your potatonator. Dominator was one of my fav boards kind of wish I didn't sell it :(


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      Hey, I'm 82kg, 40 years old, the potatonator floats me well enough, I rode it in Sri Lanka (boardshorts) and loved it, I reckon I could have gone smaller too (or maybe a different board with less volume). I rode good 2-3 ft clean waves on it and it was ace.

      I've not ridden in much in full wetsuit / hood etc. but when I did it still floated me really well.

      I'm not a good surfer at all and I found the board great, especially when I was surfing everyday. The problem for me here (Brighton, UK) is that I rarely get to surf and the surf is messy (at best!) when it does happen so I tend to reach out for the Addvance (well now the Dom if I can) as I want to get every wave I can.

      Not much volume difference between the 6' 4" Dom and the 6' 0" Potatonator really.


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        Everyone loves the Dominator!!!