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Will 6'4" Dominator work for me?

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  • Will 6'4" Dominator work for me?

    Hi all,

    I have been looking to step down from the HP longboards I have been riding for the past 7 years and try something with a little more performance. I am 5'10" and 180 lbs (82kg), and would consider myself a solid intermediate on the HP LB, able to surf anything from knee to overhead-plus on my favorite punchy-but-less-critical breaks here in Maui (Sandpiles, Hookipa Middles, Lahaina Breakwall, etc). I can even get into some steeper, hollower waves such as Honolua on smaller days.

    I was looking at an Addvance 6'6" or 6'10", but none seem available here in the islands. However, I just found a screaming deal for a used 6'4" Dominator and am considering the purchase. My question is, will this size board work for me or is it slightly too much volume? I notice the sizing charts recommend 5'10"-6'2" for my weight, and most old forum threads I've read recommend the 6'4" for 200 lbs+. I'm not so much concerned with the board being too much of a step-down from the LB, as I am pretty patient and plan to take it out on smaller days to ease the transition.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can lend...


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    If it's a great deal then I say go for it! it's a great transition board coming off a longboard until your shortboard skills improve enough for you to go shorter again


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      I'd agree with that. It might be a tad overfoamed "in theory" but with you coming down in length from a longboard the 6'4" is going to feel really short and chippy initially (although you'll quickly adjust). I think it would be great and as your shortboard skills develop you may look for a smaller shortboard. You could also look at eating lots and putting on weight so the Dom becomes ideally sized...either would work! :)