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Dom or Pile Driver?

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  • Dom or Pile Driver?

    I'm a long time Dom fan. I think it's a fantastic all round small wave board. However, my current Dom is reaching the end of its life. It seems to need endless repairs for cracks on the deck. So I'm in the market for a new one. The Dom has two roles in my quiver - to ease me back into surfing if I've been out of the water a few weeks , but mainly as my dedicated small wave board. There's a bit of cross over with my UB but I basically use it in chest high and below surf. In that bottom end I surf it in just about everything. I'm 48, 90kg and use the 6'4" at 41 litres. All my other boards are between 35 and 37.3 litres. So, I saw the pile driver at 38.7 litres for the 6'4" and thought - "maybe that?" It's certainly a step up in volume from my other boards. It's held out as a small wave ripper. But will it still catch the waist high weak dribblers the Dom has me up and going on? Thoughts?

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    I reckon the pd is more inline with the Uni than the dom


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      If you've got a uni, why not look at a 600 potatonator?


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        yes potatonator! my favorite firewire so far


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          I've had both. The Pile Driver is a step up from the Uni in that it takes more effort to get into waves but can hold a little better in the bigger stuff. If you want something to be a step down from your Unibrow, I would recommend the Potatonator as well. That board is a great groveler but still has a ton of performance.