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    Hi, I've owned a variety of firewires over the recent years with a variety of success . It started with a 5'10 Sp ; a board I have only had good times on and still own. I looked for something with a bit more performance starting with a 6'7 activator ; couldn't catch a wave. I then tried a 6'2 potatonator; could catch waves but for some reason would end up perched on top of the wave jumping up and down trying to get over the edge to no avail. I recently purchased a 5'9 baked potato and surfed it for 10 days straight in Sri Lanka in anything from 1 ft to just overhead and love it to bits. I would still like to have something a little more performancey and am thinking about a Dom or spit in 6'4 or 6'6 but am worried about the wave catching issues , should I cut my losses and just keep surfing the baked although it does get a little skatey in the bigger stuff ? I have just turned 50 am 80 kilos and consider myself intermediate and get to surf at home in the UK a few times a month. Any advice greatly received . Many thanks

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    Tough call, it's possible that it is just sheer over-volume that has been causing the problems and getting you hung up riding boards that are designed to be ridden small vastly oversized. If you're looking to surf a high volume board in the 6'6 range, look at the addvance. That will give you more control and performance in bigger conditions than the Potatoes while still paddling well and catching waves easily.
    If you want to surf a smaller board maybe try a smaller activator in the 6'1 or 6'3 range or a Dom/Spit in the 6'0 or 6'2 range. A lot of shops have demo boards to try so my advice would be to try something that isn't quite so bloated and see how you get on. The lower volume might not work for you at all, but it could be a good learning exercise.


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      I agree with that. I'm 48 and 90kg and surf a 6'4" Dom as my (say) chest high and below board. At a lesser weight, a touch older and surfing less I reckon 6'0" to 6'2" in a Dom would be great. it's a fantastic all round board for below, say, 1.5x overhead.


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        Thanks for the sharp replies chaps, I did wonder about the volume issues but resulted in confusion as the 5'10 SP and 5'9 baked work so well for me. The ADDvance unfortunately isn't a board i look at and think ' I'd love to have a go on that' so I will try and find a 6'2 spit to have a go on.
        Thanks again.