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    I was searching for the perfect board last year and found the Dominator. a 6'2" was probably the right size for me then, but I found a used 6'4" at a fraction of the cost and so I went with it. It served me well for a few months and I loved it. On bigger days, something just felt off about it, like I couldn't get into the wave early enough. So I started rethinking my search and ended up with a 5'10" fish that I absolutely LOVE. It catches earlier and easier so I can get up on the wave sooner and fix my trajectory better. So I thought to myself, I'll use this fish for anything from 2 all the way up to 5 and beyond that I'll take out the 6'4" dominator. Well I took it out today and it still felt like I couldn't get in early enough. Part of it was just me being a pussy and not going for the wave I think, but still, on the fish, I just feel like I can get up so much earlier and that gives me more confidence to get into the wave. With the dom, I always feel like I'm late and if I don't time it perfectly I'm going to get swallowed up and crushed. But fishes aren't meant for overhead surf right? I thought maybe I needed a smaller dom, like 6'0", but now I'm not sure. Maybe I need a different board outline entirely. what do you think?

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    Go for a board with a bit more entry rocker but flatter mid section. This will paddle well but give you the confidence in steeper waves. Look at a Hellfire or minidriver , unibrow tons of performance but not to much like a Hpsb. They each have rave reviews and are well covered on the forum.


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      Thanks, I'll check them out. I find that the fish is much easier to paddle. I think it has more volume. but it may also have something to do with the widest point being forward of the mid-point. Would a short board with a wide point forward of the mid point work well in overhead surf? Or with performance, does it all go back to the hpsb shape?


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        So after reading up, it looks like I might want to try the unibrow. For my ability, do you think I'd be okay with a 6'1"? I have a 6'4" dom now and I'd be cutting the volume by about 7 litres, but I've always felt my dom was oversized. Will that size Unibrow work on overhead days???