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Purchasing a dominator, looking for fin suggestions for PN cross-over.

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  • Purchasing a dominator, looking for fin suggestions for PN cross-over.

    Hey, I'm looking at picking up a dominator. Pretty much set on getting a 5'10 FST as I am 28, 160 lb/ 70 kg, of intermediate ability, good fitness, and only surfing irregularly. I am looking to use it strictly as my "ocean" board to cover what I usually encounter when I do get in the ocean. Currently I ride a 6'2 potatonator in the lake where I tend to surf 1-3 ft gutless wind blown slop and it goes great! I tend to use rasta quads in the lake for added speed and drive. I am looking for suggestions for quads, or 5 fin futures set ups, that have been proven to work well in the dom. Is there a consensus on what fins work well in the dom, and may also work well in the PN? As an aside I have been told I have "occasional front foot tendencies" on my bottom turn (what ever that means ? ) and that I may like using larger fins. Any thoughts or suggestions before I pull the trigger on the purchase would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey Andy, for FUTURES I really like the SOLUS thruster, quite big template with the central hatchet that will loose the tail . Having the Rastas I would get thruster set of thrusters. Both sets would go great on both boards. The Jordy's L will also be a good choice. Those are my favs in the river as well as in the ocean


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      Hey Iggy, thanks for the reply. I know that you know your fresh water, so I will look into those suggestions. Does the Dom work better as a thruster set up? Any thoughts to the difference between a quad/ thruster in the dom?


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        Quad will make it go faster. But all depends on the fins you choose. I particularly liked the dom as a thruster, but that is me, is a matter of personal preference and local conditions. The SOLUS with the center hatchet makes the board have enough drive yet controlled release when needed


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          I also prefer tge Dom as a thruster, but I prefer thrusters full stop so that's not particularly revealing. I do go to a quad set up though when waves are smaller. I also use them when there's an outside peak, a gap, and then an inside section - I find a quad is faster and carries speed longer in a straight line making it easier to bridge the gap between outside and inside. Generally though I prefer the drive of a thruster. I also find quads too loose for my liking, but that's from limited experience and maybe a different set up would yield different results.


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            I get along well with the stretch quads In the dom. Very good fins.


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              Thanks for the comments, all. I wound up finding a 5-fin set of AM2's for a very good price. Good enough to sway my decision, haha. Now I have a few extra fin options to play with and can set it up as either a thruster or quad, as well as mixing and matching with my rastas.

              They have a template that is very similar to the Jordy's, just a tad smaller. The Jordy just looked like a touch more fin than i was looking for and as a thruster I knew I wouldn't use them much in the lake.

              I had a look at the stretches, but they are a bit smaller than my rastas. Last time I was surfing the PN with the rastas in the ocean I found it a bit squirrely when it got head high and over. I know my board is over foamed for the ocean and the PN is not meant for waves overthead, so i figure that likely had something to do with how skatey it felt. Regardless, didn't feel like a smaller fin was gonna fit my needs.

              Futures needs to consider more quad setups in the medium/ large sizes that are actually designed as quads. All they have are the elevons, which are a bit over my budget. The rest are 5 fin set ups of popular thruster models. There's a big gap between the stamps and the controllers that needs to be filled.