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stuck on sizing and spitfire/dominator choice

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  • stuck on sizing and spitfire/dominator choice

    I'm looking at getting at getting a firewire, and since my local shop that stocks them isn't that knowledgable, I'd be stoked for some feedback here.

    I'm an intermediate surfer (comfortable up to just overhead, can trim down the line, slowly learning to pump properly to generate speed, and can make some mellow turns on the face) living in Vancouver (so I can't surf all that regularly). I've been surfing for 6-7 years but never consistently so my progression has been fairly slow. I've owned a number of used boards, and right now have a big guys short board (6,6 x 20.25 x 2.5) for when it's small/average and an old 6,1 thin, narrow wade tokoro shortboard for the few days when it's pumping which my brother gave me. There is also a good chance I may sell those two boards to help pay for this.

    I've ridden a couple of the shorter, fatter hybrids and been really stoked on them so am pretty much set on either a dominator or a spitfire as a "do it all" board, leaving the wade tokoro for a the rare days when it's wayy overhead. (I'm also for sure not a good enough surfer yet to really make the most of it). I'm about 6foot, 22yo, 159lbs and being in the NW i'm always in a full wintersuit, boots, gloves, hood etc

    The surf here is usually anywhere from knee to head high, so that's kinda the range i'm aiming for, and leaning towards the spitfire as i've read the narrower tail will hold better when it starts to get to shoulder high, plus I feel like it might be a better board for me to grow into? But honestly I'm not sure. I'm just not sure what size to go for and i'm not too knowledgable on boards. The buyers guide recommends a 5,10, the volume calculator recommends closer to a 5,8, and it seems on the forum many people heavier than me are on a 5,8. I looked on the CBD and saw that there is a 5,9 option so was thinking maybe that, but would be stoked if you'd be able to give me some advice on which board you think would be best, and the sizing?

    Here are a couple photos of the breaks I surf, to give you an idea what it's often like, though we for sure get bigger/smaller days!


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    5'8" will be good if you're confident in your take offs etc, 5'10" if you want a little extra stability. Spitfire is a good choice I think.