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6'2'' dominator - or go shorter?

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  • 6'2'' dominator - or go shorter?

    Hi there

    I've heard great things about the dominator - and am keen to see what I can do with one - but not sure what length?

    I'm 5'9'', been surfing 15 yrs, but not getting in as much as before! Currently surfing old 6'10'' Nev retro rocket / 7'' funboard type shapes that I have around, after snapping my 6'6'' fish few yrs ago. These all feel too long and I feel like I want something shorter again - to help put some life back into my turns - but still with decent volume to get into waves easily. I'd mainly use the new board in 2-4'' Uk surf, but would quite like something that would work when it's a bit bigger / cleaner (eg European trips etc).

    Based on 82kg (180lb) intermediate, I'm thinking 6' or 6'2'' dominator - does that sound like a good idea? that's shorter than I've used for years!

    Someone suggested going even shorter than this so I can duck dive / bury a rail more easily, but worried this would be just too much of a step down from the 6'10''..

    Any advice gratefully received!


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    Hey Tobss,
    How often are you getting in the water?

    I do think that at your weight the, 510 through the 602 are all doable and valid, depending on personal preferences. Keep in mind that the larger you go, the easier to use and the faster the adjustment. The smaller you go, the more difficult the transition, but the more performance rewards you will reap down the road. If I had to choose I would, likely have you grab the 600 because you haven't been riding many small boards and the 510, therefore the change might feel somewhat large. This will give you benefit of having a responsive board that isn't so small it becomes difficult to use.

    If you want to prevent the gap from being too extreme, then get after the 602 and you would have a bit more ease of use. The truth is, however, a lot of this is personal preference and will ultimately come down to what you feel makes the most sense for you as a surfer. Trust your gut!!



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      I think the 5'10" spitfire will suit you like a glove!!!!
      We do have pretty much the same background and I love my 5'8". Goes everywhere I go.Easy paddler for the size and no issues whatsoever to duck dive. I find the 30lts my comfort zone at my current weight...add to that a 4/3 or a 6/5/4 full suit with boots gloves and all the trimmings


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        Did I mentioned FST with FUTURES??;)


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          Im another fan of this one, weighing in at a bit more, the 5'10 Dom is my best board ever, will only ever change it to buy a 5'10 SF when I kill - destroy it later this year


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            Fcs fst for me


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