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How old are my boards?

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  • How old are my boards?

    I have just brought a couple of firewires, a 6'0 Dominator and a 6'6 Flexfire (2nd hand and cheap). I was wondering if you can tell how old the board is (not that important, just curious) by the details on the side of the board?

    Details are:
    FDM-600 R - 6'0"x20 1/2x2 1/2-00 #43818-1

    FE-606 Q 6'6x19 1/4x2 1/2 #37647

    I have only ridden the Dominator so far, in waves from 2' to 10' faces. It goes very well, especially in 3' to 6' faces.(Left Flexfire at home on 7' to 10' face day as I didn't think it would be that big.) The Dominator still went good on the bigger day but it would of been good to try out the Flexfire. I am very happy with my boards and will be definitely buying Firewires from now on. I have ridden a 5'8 Sweet Potato demo(didn't have a 5'6) and couldn't believe how good it went in 1' to 3' face surf. Definitely on my wish list. Also am thinking of a 6'0 or 6'2 Hellfire when money permits.
    I have a 6'4 Byrne HP Tufflite in my garage that goes well but I think it will be getting dusty as I will be riding the firewires (especially the Dominator) from now on.


    6'0, 85-88kg, 42 years old. Surfing for 25+ years.
    6'0 Dominator FST, 6'6 Flexfire FST
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    I think it is FWs policy to not give out exact manufacturing dates for boards. A rough way of telling is, boards with newer FCS Fusion plugs are made in the last 18 months - 2 years. Boards with older style black FCS plugs are older than that.


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      yeah the DM isn't all that old. Under 18 months. The other one I am not too sure its a bit older.

      The reason we don't give dates is because when we did do that, people would go into stores, look at the serial numbers, then go home and come on the forum and ask us. Its not really a feasible thing to do so in order to prevent a ton of unnecessary work, we made it a blanket policy to not provide dates. Rest assured though that Firewire has decent turnover in stores and we we work hard to cycle out old inventory.



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        No worries, I'm happy with them no matter what the age. First time I have ever ridden a board the same size as me (Dominator) can't believe how easy it catches waves. I have only ridden it as a quad so far but it goes so good I don't think I will even bother trying it as a thruster (maybe one day).