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  • Dom size advice

    I know there are so many questions on this. I guess becuase there are a lot of variables. My question is what size dom is best. I am debating between a 5'10" and 6'0".

    I am 6'1" and about 200lbs, a competent surfer and usually ride a 6'2" standard short board and ride a 5'10" quadfish (the thinner version).

    What's the best choice!? I know it is has a lot to do with my taste, but wanted to get as much feedback as possible before buying a new board. I have held both sizes and my first impression was that the 6'0" was a little big. I wish they made a 5'11" :)


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    What dimensions is your usual 6'2" shortboard? I think if you're using it in good waves, by the sounds of what you're riding, the 5'10 would work well. But, if you want to ride smaller, weaker waves then the 6'0" is probably a better choice.


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      Not sure of my 6'2" dim off the top of my head. Pretty standard. Probably 18 1/2 x 2 1/4. Thanks for the input!


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        As a competent surfer you might appreciate better the qualities of the spitfire.
        I will feel inclined to go for the 5'10". For the smaller crappier surf you could use the fish, but the dom/spit will give it a nice fun twist to your session


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          yeah you are right there at the 510 or 600 mark, and you certainly could entertain a custom...

          If it were me, I would push you towards the spitfire 600 only because the 510 fish is wider and flatter and a bit easier to catch waves on. With that in mind, I think you'd get the paddle benefits on the 600 AND get an entirely new angle on performance.



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            Right on, thanks. Can't wait to go look at the spit fire too now.