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  • What size Dominator?

    I'm looking for some help on sizing the right board.

    I have surfed a short board at beach breaks mostly in North San Diego for the last 25 years on and off. Just got back into it after taking 2 years off now that my son is 3 and have been paddling out 2-4 times a week for the last 8 months. I purchased an Addvance 7'2" last June and I really like the board, but it is good in 2-4 foot surf and a bit long and I want more performance for the 3-7 foot range. I'm sold on the Dominator, but I don't know what size to go with.

    I'm 41 y.o., 6'2" and 225lbs. I consider myself an Intermediate (5 on a 10 scale).

    My 7'2" Addvance has great paddling abilities and flotation due to its 61.9 liters of volume and I really like the volume. I was thinking of going with the 6'10" Dominator, 55.4 liters of volume, but I hear alot of guys say they wish they had gone with one size smaller (2" inches smaller).

    What size do you reccomend?


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    I am 6'3 about 185 40 years old and ride a 6'2" and love it. I am intermediate advanced and could probably surf a 6'0" no problem. Not sure if this helps as I surf mostly Trestles.



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      I'm 90kg (200lbs) and surf a 6'4" Dom, and could surf a 6'2" as well. If you add 10 or more kilos to that (25lbs) I reckon you'd be looking at 6'4" to 6'6" as a minimum, and more like 6'6" to 6'8".


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        Krum you could EASILY go one way or the other. I am inclined to say if you are getting out 2-4 times a week, the 608 would be the call because you are going to dial the board pretty quickly. I think because both will float you, you should a take a bit of time to think whether you want to focus on the paddle or performance of the board. I would also add that at your size, you are going to be able to work the extra volume better than a guy who weighs 150 and has a touch to much volume.

        I think in the end its a preference call that you have the luxury of making!!!



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          Hey thanks hwork50 and buzzy for your replies.

          Chris thats good advice to make my decision thank you!

          One more question... I want to add one more board to my Firewire quiver... a board for 5-8 foot surf for beach break and point break locally. What do you reccomend???


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            I'd personally suggest the Alternator. It's what I use with the Dom and it's a good combination. Others may also suggest the Hellfire, which is getting very good reviews. I'd suggest going 2 to 4 inches longer on the Alt than the Dom you ultimately select, which would likely have you on a 6'10" to 7'0". I'll leave others to suggest a good length for a Hellfire.


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              Hey krum, I've recently got the 608 Dominator and can tell you it's really easy to paddle. I'm 6'5" but a bit lighter than you at 198lb but could easily get away with a 606 or maybe even 604 (as buzzy has) for paddling. My ability would be very similar to you and so far I have found that although the 608 is a lot of board, it has not been lacking in performance. I think you would find the 608 to your liking without any worries. Hope this helps.


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                good words tall kook and buzzy.

                Thanks for the help.


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                  Hey thanks for the input guys...good stuff... I'm saving myself some money and time by getting your input, thanks!

                  I currently ride the Rapidfire Addvance and like the flex... I was gonna buy the Dominator in the Rapidfire as well because I don't know what the FST is like... which technology are you riding? and have you ridden both technologies? suggestions?


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                    I've just had FST. I'd prefer to pay an extra hundred bucks and get better durability (I understand FST is more durable than rapidfire). Happy with the flex but have no other point of comparison (except PU boards).


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                      hey krum, GOOD question. I ride both, but find myself getting FST a lot for the durability and I actually like the flex and weight a lot. FST is a touch heavier and I really like the way it slices and dices. The dominator might a be a good board to try FST in because you are going to ride it a LOT!!!



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                        Thanks for all the info guys... I have the board now... a 6'10" Dominator Rapidfire born 1/13/12 at 0945.

                        I'm gonna ride this for a while and start looking into a Hellfire.... Thanks again!


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                          Niiiiiice!!!!. Keep us posted!! share some pics!!


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                            _MG_6628.jpgI think you can go with the 6 8 Dom. You could probably push it with a 6 6. Im in my mid 40's and only surf 2 or 3 times a week, so I like a touch more volume. I'm 215, probably could have got the 6 2 Dom but ended up with a 6 4 Dom. Dont regret that decision, the 6 4 Dom is a great board!!!
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                              Nice stylish top turn there!