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Which size FW Dominator?

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  • Which size FW Dominator?

    weight 76KG Height 5,9. Intermediate rider.

    Hi there, can anyone advise on which FW Dominator board size to purchase.Usually surf 6,4 Californian quad fish,21 wide quite a floaty board fuller nose template.
    Looking to take the size down but also like to keep the floatiness of the board as the waves are normally beach brake head high mushy occasionally clean.Was thinking Dom 5.10 or 6.0.
    So many other posts about down sizing etc its confusing.

    Thanks Sly

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    Too big. Spitfire 5'8" will be my call or the Dom 5'8"


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      Yeah agree with Iggy. I was going to say 5'6" until I read what you're currently riding.
      You could consider the 5'10" but it's a lot of board for someone your size.


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        Thanks alot guys on your advice, yeah sounds like the 5"8 Dom or spitfire.

        Cheers and Happy Surfin !


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          good call!!

          Agree with the suggestion.


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            I need a little help as well. I am 5'9" and 170-180lbs. I have been riding a 6'4" squash tail for a long time. It worked great wen I was younger and I would normally only surf it in chest or higher waves. I now live on the west coast of south Florida and the waves that i usually get are ankle to thigh high and weeek. i have resorted to a 7' funstyle which is great to catch the waves, but i am use to truning a short board. this funstyle turnes more like a long board and it looses all momentum with any turn i make. I am just woried about getting a dominator that is to small and it ends up not working in the small week waves on the west coast of florida, or getting a dominator that is to big to turn efficiently on the small waves.


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              I'd say a 504 or even 506 Sweet Potato would be a perfect board for those waves. The Potatonator that's being released very soon would be amazing too. 508 range I reckon.
              If you're pretty set on the Dom I'd be looking at the 600 or 510, but to be honest I think the Dominator goes best when the waves are a little better. The Sweet Potato or Potatonator will eat up those conditions.


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                when will this new potatonator hit stores? will this board also work in head high tropical storm surf? I have been set on the dominator for some time now, but this is the first iv heard about the potatonator. i also plan on buying a bord for my son as well he is 4'8" and 75lbs. he is a beginner surfer. could he use the potatonator as well? he gets up on my long board and funstyle. he just cant turn them and they are hard for him to paddle past the white water.
                Im thinking mabe get the tater and the Dominator. I can use the tater on the smaller days and letting my son use the dominator on those days and then ill have the dominator for the T.S. surf. i am super nervious about buying a bord and it not working for me. is the potatonater a prity versitile bord? thats what realy turned me on to the dominator.


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                  I think the Potatonator is a dominator that's been tweaked to excel in junkies surf. The dominator will have a little more hold in bigger stuff and the PN will work a little better in smaller or mushier stuff. Never board was designed for solid tropical storm surf but out of the 2 the Dom would handle it best. If you're thinking two boards I'd say PN and maybe a Hellfire.