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  • What size dominator?

    I'm a beginner to intermediate surfer who lives in San Diego. I currently ride a 9' longboard and I really want to get on something shorter and more high performance. I am 6'1" 160 lbs and looking at the dominator. The firewire volume calculator recommends a 6'2" dominator. I hope this board would work for all around small summer to head high winter swell.

    Would this be the best size for me?


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    It is big for your weight but as a transition board would be ok. I'd have thought you'd ultimately be looking at a 5'8". I'd actually suggest starting on a 6'0". Much bigger than that and I think you'd struggle to control the board at speed (or even duck dive it).


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      Incidentally I'm 200lbs and I'm likely to add a 6'2" Dom to my quiver.


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        I am 5'11, 188 lbs, and having a 5'8 Dom. Unfortunately it is a bit too small in terms of volume as I sink quickly when loosing speed. However it is ridable, but the 5'10 would have been the better choice for me.

        If you are 160 lbs the 5'8 should be fine.
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          I tried to reply a while ago but it didn't take. I'm also in San Diego and got a demo board (5'6" Dominator) from Clairemont Surf Shop. You might also want to try before you buy - see the FW website for all the local dealers who have demos.