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Is a Dominator suitable for a newb?

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  • Is a Dominator suitable for a newb?

    Sorry, don't want to post the same message in numerous threads without reason (see quote below from the Addvance thread) however a used Dominator just popped up on my local classifieds site and it looks brand new, it's 6'10" and about $350 cheaper than a new one.

    Given the below scenario (swap the Addvance for a Dominator), would the used Dominator be suitable?

    Originally posted by justaddwater View Post
    Hey everyone,

    I've been a lidder for 15yrs + and last year decided to give surfing a go. I bought a 7'9" BIC mini-mal, but I hate it. I can't get used to the sheer length of it and it just makes it feel really cumbersome in the water. I pretty much got sick of it after 2 surfs, so I went out and bought a Chilli Red Peppa being a board suited to small surf, I thought it would be easier to learn on.... not so. I'm not sure if it's the volume of the Chilli 6'2" x 21 1/2 x 2 9/16 = 37.65L, but I can't seem to get it into waves, and spend most of my time paddling and exhausting myself. By comparison, the mini-mal was super easy, just too big. I broke my knee on the snowboard about 3 weeks after buying the chilli, and didn't really take it back out until last weekend when I was reminded of how difficult it was.

    I've got plenty of ocean experience, but none when it comes to stand-up surfing. Just wondering if the Addvance would be the way to go? I'd like something smaller than the mini-mal, but easier to paddle and more stable than the 6'2" chilli. It doesn't need to be a do it all board, as I can use the chilli when it gets to chest/head high once I get comfortable enough surfing.. so I'll basically use it for chest high or below surf just to learn on, or for flatter days when there's not much else to do.

    I'm 5'9" and 174 lbs and have average+ fitness.

    Do you think an Addvance would be that board? If so, what size?

    I was also considering a sweet potato, but I think the flat nose rocker might be a little unforgiving for a newb.

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    The addvance is a board that is designed to be ridden at higher volumes, the dominator not so much.
    It will for sure get you catching waves and going down the line with a few slower cut backs, but you'll out grow it pretty quick and be thinking about one about a foot smaller.
    The addvance is going to allow you to progress more and could remain in your quiver as a smaller wave board.
    Or you go for the used Dom, sell it once you out grow it and probably get your money back. Be sure it hasn't been dinged before you buy it. Paint jobs and stickers often are hiding something.


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      thanks for the reply here and in the other thread, much appreciated.

      I might just stick with the addvance in that case. The Dom is pretty much brand new, but sounds like the addvance might be the better option.


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