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  • Help with sizing please!

    Hey all,

    I'm going to try and keep this as short and succinct as possible so you guys dont have to read a whole long schpeel haha. I need help with sizing for a dominator. Basically, I think this board is awesome and really want to purchase one for myself. I am 5'9 and 170 lbs and am in good physical condition. I mainly surf in Orange County, CA. I would classify myself as a beginner/intermediate, but moving towards the intermediate side. I currently ride a 6'0 Lost sub-driver. I read online and throughout this forum that getting the correct volume is of the utmost importance with this board?

    Thanks for your help! It is much appreciated.

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    I'd say 5'10 if you want it for small waves and an easy ride, 5'8 if you don't mind working a little harder for a lot more response from the board.
    I'd push you towards the 5'8 to be honest. I'm about your weight and its a great little board!


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      Awesome, thank you! I will go with your recommendation and go with a 5'8.


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        Will you be keeping the 6'0 Sub Driver? That board's got 32.5 liters of volume... so if you feel like that volume is right for you and the Dominator is for the bottom end of the scale and the sub-driver for the upper scale I would go 5'10 for sure.
        5'10 Dominator - 33.5 L
        5'08 Dominator - 31.0 L

        I used to have a 5'10 dominator and it was way better in the weaker/smaller surf than the 5'8 Spitfire I have now. I'm a bit heavier than you, so you might find the 5'8 big enough, but based on the 6'0 sub you already have it looks like you like a bit more foam. But the 5'8 is more responsive and better when the waves have some shape and size.
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          Where did you find that volume Erling?
          I found this 6'0" x 19 1/2" x 2 1/2" Vol. 30.3

          I agree with you though, for bottom end the 510 will have an advantage but as soon as there's some shape and a little push it can feel a bit chunky on rail.


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            Oh, my bad... I was thinking of the Sub Scorcher. then the 5'8 Dominator is probably the right one, even as a grovel board.


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              Thanks for all the input! Im learning a lot just by reading what you guys have to say. Really appreciate the feedback!


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                Hey APAD,

                I weigh the same as you and have owned both a 5'10" and 5'8" Dom. It's my ankle-high to waist-high groveller - i.e. longboard/ mini-mal time.

                I'm on the 5'8" now after owning the 5'10" for a year or so. I had great fun on the longer one but it always felt like too much volume in anything with a bit of punch/ shape. The 5'8" grovels just as well for me but the real advantage lies in how much more responsive it is - it's probably the fastest board I've ridden and that gives a lot of latitude with regard to being all over the wave.

                Additionally, riding the over-volumed 5'10", involved changing the way I surfed a bit - I always felt more like I was riding on top of the board (i.e. piloting it) rather than surfing it. You know when you fell like you're climbing up on to a board when you take off? Anyhow, the sweet-spot on the 5'10" was a bit hit and miss for me, but the 5'8" really lets me drive from my back foot.

                I think either board could be good for you - the longer option if you don't get to surf so much, or the shorter one if you're lucky enough to be in the water more.


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                  Hey Westy,

                  Thanks for your response. Coming from someone with experience on both sizes plus being the same weight; I feel like I cant really go wrong with your answer. haha. I definitely plan on taking the dominator out a lot especially with summer coming.